Happy BirthYe

“The ultimate Gemini has survived I wasn’t supposed to make it past 25” Saint Pablo / Ye

Let us collectively take a deep breath today, as we celebrate the Genius Gemini. Ye has brought joy to so many of us and in return, he only asks that we [FIND GOD] and look past the narrative you’re being fed day in and day out by the GODDLESS media. Today, like every other day, @kanyesposts fought the good fight. Much appreciation to those who go hard against the media machine and bring out the receipts. Thankfully the archive gives Ye supporters (also known as people with superior intellect) a place to to gather and talk all things KANYE.

Music, Hollywood, radio, news, “Reality” TV, etc… subliminal messages are in everything. It is rare that you find a true artist anymore and when we do, is this how we want to treat them?

We need to do better people.

Remember, it is a monopoly, a handful of companies hold all power. These outlets have the ability to CANCEL and SILENCE anyone who refuses to follow the herd. They do it without you ever knowing. It is like slight of hand, if you aren’t keen, you will be consumed and BUY the narrative before you know it.

Don’t take the CLICKBAIT!

Yesterday alone, TMZ, Page Six, TSR, The Daily Mail, E!, XXL and even Yahoo News posted unverified, fabricated and negative stories which link back to Ye. If you want the Ye FACTS, check out Hollywood Unlocked, trust me on this one.

If you aren’t familiar with THE MACHINE and how it works, I will give you a great movie recommendation from 2001, Josie and the Pussycats, this movie feels more RELEVANT today than EVER!

Today I am choosing KINDNESS! Celebrating #YeDay!

Do not sleep on the ones who know, we are here… we are watching… we are dismantling the narrative…