This Blog is in Memory of ALL the F*CKS We USED to GIVE, may they REST IN PEACE!

I know, it sounds harsh, but it had to be said. Ana, my best friend, is a real one. So, it is only fitting to announce that A. It is her Birthday 9-19-19, at 9:19:19 and B. When it is her BIRTHDAY it feels like it is MY BIRTHDAY. Let me explain this about Ana, her energy matches my energy and we function on the same frequency.

We don’t have much in common, never really did. We have totally different upbringings, she’s a spicy Latina and I am, well Spicy but not a Latina. By the time we met, we were already on different paths with our personal lives. She was independent and had a son and was pregnant with her first daughter, Nhea. I was living with my parents and childless. Eventually, her crew grew to her plus 4 Azhel, Nhea, Nhaya and Julian and my crew was 1 Chloe, and done. We parent differently, watch totally different tv shows, live over an hour away from each other and even dress in a totally different fashion, her weaknesses are my strengths and vice versa. She is the yin to my yang.

Despite all those things we don’t have in common, we can have a total blow-up and then talk the next day as if it never happened. Ana has brought me and left me right out on Front Street without a map to find my way home, just to make me see something about myself that I needed to see. There is a zero-tolerance policy on lying or secrets between us. I love that most. Ana-Banana can tell me things that NOBODY else has permission to tell me. Above all, I know she is the one that I can call at any time of day or night with the tears, my secrets, my celebrations and she never sends me to voicemail, hits decline or “forgets” to text back. That is how WE operate. We have both had hard fucking times, but we never let each other stay down. So today, we celebrate.

Ana must have at least 10 of us out here talking about “she’s my best friend” and I can promise you that she is a best friend to each and every one of us. Do I get jealous, not anymore. (If we are being honest, I used to!) Everyone I have ever introduced her to has loved her, so I understand why this happens. She has a magnetic personality, she is gorgeous and if you know her – you already know – she  is   hysterical!

Her birthday is a Palindrome, which is a fancy way of saying that the number is the same when you write it forward or backward. (They say to learn something new every day, I might have just saved you from trying to do that, you can thank me NOW.) She is a VIRGO which, to me, is the Zodiac sign that I find myself most connected with.

So, why did I decide that this was the birthday to say RIP to the F*CKS WE USED TO GIVE? I will tell you why. There is one huge flaw we have in common… WE CARE TOO MUCH! We are over givers, overdoers, overthinkers, over workers and now we are OVER IT. We are going to enjoy this blessing, another year of life and health. It is so important that we pause and take the time out to enjoy life.

THIS IS NOT A DRESS REHEARSAL, this is the show! So, if this BLOG is about anything, it is me telling you to “Find You A Friend… Like ANA!” and savor each and every second you get to share on this EARTH!

Here is a link to a video I made her years ago on her birthday and other videos of us when we just randomly picked up and drove to Atlantic City for the night or that time she fell at work and hurt herself but all I could do was laugh (after I made sure she was OK, OK!).

That’s what you call BEST FRIEND shenanigans. I love you BESTIE.


Ana’s Birthday Video!

Atlantic City Ana

Slippin Fallin Can’t Get UP – Ana FALLS


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