Sixteen Years Ago I Became a MOM!


I can remember it like it was yesterday, I was in a beautiful L&D suite at the Palisades Medical Center in North Bergen facing the New York City skyline. I had a clear view of Lady Liberty and a room full of family who were enjoying watching me for the third day in full blown labor. I had Days of Our Lives playing and it was suddenly interrupted with BREAKING NEWS about a paraglider who got caught in the arm of the statue, I SHIT YOU NOT!

That’s neither here nor there…

Jerome, my boyfriend at the time (and baby daddy to be) went to McDonald’s with my sister because, you know, I was taking too long… I really wasn’t feeling well and I wanted this child out, so I hit that NURSE call button, for the 723rd time.

Finally a nice young nurse, who had just about enough of me crying and screaming in agony, took it upon herself to stick what looked like a knitting needle up my lady parts and break my water. She noticed that the baby’s heartbeat had slowed down significantly and she called for the doctor immediately.

After three days of sitting and waiting for the epic moment that I deliver their first child, niece, grandchild, and great grandchild, everyone watched as they wheeled me away into a surgical room for an emergency C-Section. So much for that beautiful scene when she comes out and everyone cries as she is placed on my chest. It went more like this…

I see the ceiling passing, I am crying “Call Rome and tell him and Tracey to COME BACK NOW” then I fall asleep, a few hours later I wake up to my mom and sister (one on each side of me) crying… I am shaking and confused, still very sleepy. I ask, “IS SHE THE BOMB?” and they laugh, Tracey replies, “She is THE BOMB” and I fall back asleep for what seemed like four more hours. Eventually, I wake up, it was dark out, the room was empty except for 2 people, Jerome and a beautiful little baby. My baby, that I was seeing for the very first time.  WHAT A DAY!

I finally got to hold her, she was so small and beautiful. Healthy and perfect in every single way. I was emotional, happy, scared – EVERY emotion possible – I felt it in that moment!

So, here we are, she just celebrated her 16th Birthday. I made a collage of her life with over 200 pictures that I gathered from the last 16 years and as I cut and paste each one I cried. It seems impossible that 16 years have passed us already. She is now a little woman. I am more than proud of her. She is a respectful and loving human who just wants to enjoy life and make the most of each moment. She has been the best blessing and I wish her all the happiness in the WORLD!

Thank you all who have been a part of helping to mold her and show her the way. It takes a village and I am so glad you are part of our village!



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