STILL undone…

As some of you may know, my small business Love, The Undoing which was founded in 2013, hasn’t been active on social media in the last few months. The truth is, I am a firm believer in ENERGY. I believe that my art, holds my energy when I create. I believe when I create, I should be in a good spiritual place. I want the people who wear my bracelets to know that when it was created, my heart was IN IT… I always made sure my surroundings were clean and clear of chaos. I would burn white sage, sometimes I would meditate before creating. It was a process that I enjoyed and one that I knew my “Lovies” felt when they slid on their beads…

So, what is my “excuse”… I don’t have one… I have an honest answer to those of you have so lovingly asked me if I was done with LTU… I AM NOT… The store is still open (thank you to those who still loyally order!) and when I am in the right place to create with the energy that everyone deserves, I will create! The items that I list now were already made, or re-lists of unsold items.

So what have I been doing with my energy. I promise you it hasn’t been wasted! When I created my vision board in January, I was committed to becoming more socially active and take this time with my daughter as a times we can look back at as life lessons and love shared.

Having said that, I have devoted a lot of time to my family. (Having a teenage daughter has been so emotional!)

I have been participating in things that feel right – RIGHT NOW. I marched with the WOMEN and I protested and sat in on meetings with NJ11thForChange. But, most importantly I have become a citizen with a voice! I have been very active in reaching out to our representatives on many issues that I am passionate about. I have gone to some great “town-hall” meetings around my state and met some amazing, passionate people who have shown me the ropes of this messy game of politics. I have learned of ways to help protect things that I hold dear, like women’s rights, and have worked to further protect some of the issues that matter most to me! Some of my favorite groups are Just Leadership USA which works on reforming the criminal justice system and specifically to #CLOSERIKERS. How to help #CloseRikers

NAMI which works to raise awareness for Mental Health issues and funds resources for the mentally ill and their caregivers! Explore NAMI

I have ALSO become a BIG SISTER through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern NJ! This has been a process and it required a little work on my end because of the importance of this “job” but knowing the lives you may impact in the end makes it so WORTH IT! Check it out and see if you are ready to be a BIG!!! Check it out!!!

I can finally publically say that I am a vegetarian (almost VEGAN, DAMN YOU CHEESE!) for my own reasons that I wouldn’t push on anyone else… But, that in itself was empowering! For a long time, I was conflicted with telling people. It was such a personal (long) journey that I wanted to be sure I was confident before I shared it with others. I was still holding on to poultry as my “meat” but, gave that up last year and the rest is history!

All in all, it has been a very emotional year so far, to set aside something I love so much, but I felt that I had to take some time off to actually ACT on the change I want to see in the world!

I am sure it is no secret to you all that a fire has been ignited inside me and I need to follow my heart… As I would encourage any of you to do as well! I will be back at it soon, but for now, I am staying the course and seeing this through!!!