I know, the March wasn’t YOUR March and #DayWithoutWomen isn’t your DAY. Good for you! If you are a true American, you recognize the beauty of peaceful protest, equally I support YOUR RIGHT to protest my protest! I just ask that, before voicing your opinion you take a brief look in our HISTORY. It is simple, EVERY major social movement has faced some form of protest. (think abolitionist, suffragette and Civil Rights movements – to highlight a few!) So, please spare ME your rhetoric about today NOT being your day to stand in solidarity with women.

When I was a student learning about Women’s Rights Activists, I always imagined that, had I been there in those times I too would have participated. Who would have thought that in 2017 I would have the chance to stand with millions of women in solidarity!

I think of Susan B. Anthony, in 1872, walking to a barber shop demanding to be registered to vote and forcing the Supreme Court to acknowledge the 14th Amendment be extended to women. It wasn’t an easy fight for her and her followers, they had their share of “It’s NOT MY MARCH” people as well. They faced jail time, fines, trials for “illegal voting” and were considered criminals for wanting equality – 145 years ago! Susan B. Anthony wasn’t even allowed to speak in her own defense inside the court house, simply because she was a woman. I have women like S.B. Anthony to thank for the RIGHT to walk into a Middle School in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, and cast my vote on November 8, 2016.

Some of my favorite chapters in history books center around strong women who have fought for our rights, whether it is our reproductive rights, fair treatment in the workplace, our right to vote, the right to obtain an equal education to our male counterparts, our right to own property OR EVEN KEEP OUR PAYCHECKS!

Much of the confusion surrounding these organized marches and protests is the motive or hopeful outcome. I can only speak for myself when I say that my motives are to help bring attention to matters that are important to ME!

So, I understand that #DayWithoutWomen may not be YOUR thing, and that is fine, but it is also International Women’s Day and it is WOMENS MONTH, and this “thing” is MY THING. I wholeheartedly believe, regardless if you stand with us or against us, you will somehow benefit from our activism and actions in the long run.

I wish for everyone to feel the great sense of community and solidarity that I feel when I participate in these “marches” and organized movements. It is a reminder that we didn’t get this far being silent.


Have a GREAT day LADIES!


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