Teach Me To Meditate.

In the past few years, I have been asked to instruct others to meditate several times. Although I was getting to the point in my own practice where I didn’t have to work to hard to achieve a proper meditation, I wasn’t able to instruct others how to do it. So, I educated myself over the summer of 2015, when my daughter was traveling. I dedicated myself to learning the art of Meditation Instruction and promised to share it with everyone.

So here I am today. Alone in my meditation. WHY?

Since being certified I have taught 6 classes and had just a handful of one-on-one sessions. I am pretty surprised that more people haven’t come out looking for me because when I wasn’t prepared to teach it, I was bombarded with requests. At the time, I knew how to do it but couldn’t give the proper guidance to others. BUT TODAY, I am ready!

So, what gives? Where are all my students?

I wonder if maybe word got around that I am a shitty teacher? I do get very nervous in front of groups and it certainly doesn’t come naturally, but I give it my all. I am sure I get the point across and people leave with some knowledge.

Maybe because I don’t “over share” on social media that I meditate, people think I just don’t do it anymore. There was a point in my life where, like people who “check-in” at the gym, I would announce that I was about to meditate or just completed meditating. Which prompted many of the “teach me to meditate” requests. Meditation is now a part of my life that, like showering, happens daily and seems so natural. Maybe I should share more about my meditation again, gain back that momentum.

I also wonder if people think that because I am trained, I can’t relate to the beginner who is just trying to get through their very first moments in meditation.

All these thoughts and no answers. Maybe you can help!

Regardless, I see a need for it now more than ever. I have never, in my 38 years, seen people on edge like I do these days. It is senseless. We need to let go of anything that doesn’t serve us and our souls. I know it sounds like “rainbows and unicorns” but, imagine if I told you it was possible to let it go and if even for a moment – I gave you permission to love EVERYTHING about yourself, your surroundings, others, the Earth… I promise you, after that, you won’t feel worse…

That is about all I have for today. I send my love to anyone who keeps up with me through this BLOG!




One thought on “Teach Me To Meditate.

  1. So after reading your blog, my opinion and again my opinion- is life us so busy. I know for me I would love to find time you have a class with you, I need it! I want to also learn yoga. I say I’m gonna start painting but have not done it yet. We all want to make time for more things in our life but there just is not enough time in a day. I have to yell at myself to pray. I barely remember to do it when I go to bed. I mean throughout the day I pray randomly but dedicated alone time praying- I wish!!! Please don’t think it’s you- I know for a fact( I would bet my life on it) that it has nothing to do with you personally. Love and blessing to you and your family. I would love to something up. One on one cause I’m easily distracted!


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