The Gift That Gives


For my 38th Birthday, I asked my friends and family to give me the gift of RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS.

I was so excited to get text messages throughout the day telling me of the great things they did for others as a gift to me…

I assure you that these great people would go above and beyond for others, because it is in their nature. A Random Act of Kindness Challenge is a way to do that little extra something, on top of the greatness you do daily in honor of someone else!

Here are some of the Random Acts of Kindness they gifted me (and the UNIVERSE!!!) 

1. Went food shopping and picked up some extra stuff for the annual Bend To Mend Thanksgiving Basket Brigade Food Drive and another food drive!!!

Sidebar: *** If you are interested in donating ask me how! ***

2. Helped clean a friends house out of LOVE!

3. Surprised a girlfriend and delivered her lunch at work.

4. Stood out in the freezing cold for HOURS at the NYC MARATHON just to cheer on the runners, chanting their names and  reminding them they were doing GREAT!!!

5. Held the door open for an entire family. 5 1/2. Didn’t YELL at said family when they neglected to say THANK YOU. lol

6. Bought a $20 Gift Card at Dunkin Donuts and left it there to pay for the next few customers to enjoy their coffee on them!

7. Visited an elderly neighbor who lost all his family and enjoyed a nice talk!

8. Went to the Coffee Shop to get breakfast and grabbed a breakfast sandwich for the woman sitting outside!

9. Stood up for a homeless man when the restaurant owners and other customers wanted him out because of his appearance. Then bought him lunch so he could enjoy a hot meal, inside.

10. Paid for the entire lunch tab for a family sitting next to you at the pizzeria!

11. Donated BLOOD!!! (again!)

AND… My favorite RAOK of the day came from my Soul Sister…

12.  Played “VERY NICE” with my IN-LAWS, despite how hard they made it!!!

(insert rolling eye emoji here!)

Thank you to those who took the time to text me and let me know what you did to make my day special! It was an awesome birthday!


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