Tubal Ligation and NovaSure

I thought I would share my story, incase you are interested in having a tubal ligation and an Endometrial Ablation, like me.

The actual process of getting this set up as simple. I found a doctor who offered NovaSure (endo-ablation) and booked my annual with him. I went for my usual GYNO visit and explained my interest in getting sterilized. I also advised of my medical history, with all of that information I was told that I would need the following:

  • A blood panel that comes back healthy
  • A PAP that comes back without any abnormalities
  • No Fibroids or heavy scar tissue on my uterus (detected with an internal sonogram)
  • A well office exam
  • Healthy enough to get anesthesia

Once we had all of those these completed and thankfully, aside from my weight, I was found to be in very good health I was able to book the procedure.

In order to have surgery, I was told to stop all medication 24 hours prior. I was to not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before and I was to arrive at the surgical center at 6:30 am.

After checking in, I changed into hospital garb, sat on a recliner and got my IV put in. That was connected to a bag of fluid for hydration as well as the port for the anesthesiologist. I walked myself into the surgery room, which I found slightly odd. I hopped myself up on the bed and a nurse bundled me up with a warm blanket.

I was told “you’re going to get a little burning sensation but you will be sleepy soon” and within seconds, lights out!

I woke up to a kind nurse, asking me if I was feeling ok. I was. There was no nausea, I went into surgery with bleeding and came out without any bleeding. It was like magic! My period was GONE! Thank goodness.I felt very tired but able to sit and wake up a bit while they discharged me. It was about 4 hours total that I was there. They removed my IV and I dressed myself, walked out to my car where my handsome husband awaited!

I don’t remember the ride home, but I do recall being THIRSTY!

The most discomfort I felt on DAY 1 was a very sore throat from the breathing tube. I was able to drink and eat whatever, but I wasn’t necessarily hungry. I slept the day away, without much pain at all. Until about 9 pm, when I got hungry, my throat hurt and my stomach began to feel very tight and sore.

Day 2, I rested some more. I didn’t get a restful night sleep but I attempted to lay all night in one place. I didn’t do much of anything on Day 2 because the belly was sore, but no vaginal pain at all from the ablation. Still no bleeding or cramping.

Day 3, just a tenderness and soreness. I was able to get out and walk in short increments. I was able to get some rest, comfortably. No bleeding. A little uncomfortable where they cut into my belly button but nothing unbearable. So far, VERY HAPPY with my decision!

Day 4, Monday. I was able to go to work and get a good 1/2 day in at the office. I was having some soreness but… OVERALL, I felt great!

TODAY! DAY 5. I just finished a full day of work. Totally happy I did this, practically no downtime. I am just mildly sore and still no bleeding. I am completely able to function and do my normal routine.

I highly recommend this if you are looking for a permanent fix! If you have any questions, please just ask! I hope this helps anyone who has been thinking of it!!!


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