Last Dose. (Follow up on VitD issue)

Today Chloe will take her final dose of Vitamin D 50,000 IU.

Leading up to her diagnosis, she was lethargic, nauseous and extremely out of sorts. After countless doctors visits and trips to the hospital, we finally got a diagnosis of a severe Vitamin D deficiency. If you recall, even after being diagnosed, we had trouble finding a doctor to treat her, but once it was all said and done – she began a six week course of treatment and here is what I noticed in those six weeks.

Chloe was nervous about taking the pills, as she has never really had to take anything but a course of antibiotics. Understandably, she was worried that this would make her already UPSET STOMACH feel worse, but I assured her that it would be worth it and she would fill up a GIANT glass of water and wash it down.

Within the first week, she complained less about feeling sick and looked forward to getting better every day. Jerome and I were really adamant that, even if she wasn’t feeling well, she had to TRY to get through her day at school. Thankfully, she goes to a school that has an amazing staff, they were all very helpful in getting her back on track.

During week 2 of her treatment, something even more exciting happened, she saw her orthopedic (Dr. Scillia in Wayne, NJ – AMAZING doctor!) who said that her foot was healed and the reason it took so long to heal was probably due to her Vitamin issue. She was cleared for physical activity (low impact at first) and she would be able to resume all activity as she felt comfortable. It was then, I noticed the REAL change in her, she was working with the Sports Trainer at her school and the track coaches. She was recruited to do the stats for several sports teams and I was so happy that she was out in the SUN and getting that NATURAL Vitamin D!

Week 3 brought even bigger milestones! She seemed to be about 75% better! She had her appetite back, was going out with her friends and appeared to be more full of life. Her skin was back to it’s regular beautiful caramel color. She began sleeping normal again, which only made things better in the morning. She was up and ready for school, happily back on track!

Week 4 and 5 were like I had my old Chloe back. I felt like this whole thing was a nightmare that was finally over! She still complains about a stomach ache here and there but, who doesn’t! The only thing I notice that hasn’t really subsided is her leg pains. She still has sharp pains.

She is eating well, as always we have natural and organic food in my house (we are 80/20 ALWAYS!) which I think played a big part in her recovery. I also attribute a lot of the success of her treatment to BEING OUTSIDE and the weather finally working WITH US and not against us! She has been going to the gym on the days she isn’t participating in other outdoor activities. She has now found a new favorite place to hang out, the hammock. I think I might need to buy her one since she has taken mine over!

The final step is to take her in for a repeat blood test. We will run the same panels to see how she has progressed with “numbers” but I can assure you that I see that she is better by leaps and bounds! I am one happy mommy right now and I am so glad we were able to get to the bottom of this.

I am sharing this because I want you all to know that, as moms, you have to trust your gut! DADS TOO, I think Rome might have noticed something before I did! So, although we put our trust in these medical professionals,  if you do not like what you are hearing or if you think they are missing something – DO NOT STOP! One doctor may not have the knowledge or experience as the next! If we didn’t keep looking, who knows where we would be today.

Thank you everyone for the support and messages checking on her.


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