CVS Empties! Hit or Miss.

Here are a few beauty products that I’ve finished or gave up on. These are my honest opinions of the products, the results and how I felt about them along the way…

Garnier Fructis – Sleek & Shine Brazilian Smooth FLATIRON EXPRESS

I originally purchased this at CVS because it was on SALE and I am trying to grow my hair and have a LOVE for the FLATIRON. There is just no sense in having LONG hair if it is damaged.

  • Pros: Smells amazing, not too thick or heavy, doesn’t leave straight hair oily, GREAT protection when using flatiron (steamy), little bit goes a long way! 
  • Cons: nothing I saw… 

Bottom line, I went out and bought a second tube and I am already halfway into it. I use it on my hair and Chloe’s so I can confidently say it is good for both straight and curly hair!
RIMMEL LONDON BB Cream Matte 9-IN-1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup 

Where do I even begin? I found this, priced right, liked that it had a little SUNSCREEN in it and saw the magic words, MATTE. I can tell you that the application was fine, there was a weird odor to it, like CLAY – which might be a CHEAP BB CREAM thing, so I am not mad about that. I did think it “filled my pores” and gave me a glow but I cannot say that I was head over heels about it overall. The mere fact that it says MEDIUM and when I opened it, the ORANGE hue was so profound, I would never wear it more than once. I should have gone for LIGHT, maybe it would’ve been a little less UMPA LUMPA and a little more… GHOST? IDK! Either way, nothing to rave about here. BOO!


  • Pros: Price?
  • Cons: Heavy odor, orange base, very light coverage

NYC New York Color SMOOTH SKIN FINI PARFAIT BBcreme 5 in 1 Instant Matte 

So, BB Creams are my GO TO in the summer because I want light coverage and SPF, sadly I didn’t realize there wasn’t any SPF noted on the tube when I bought it, so I had to apply an SPF with this. The price was right since I just wanted something I could wear on a quick errand and it was labeled as “MATTE” which is always the LOOK I go for since I have combination skin. Bottom line, I wasn’t thrilled.

  • Pros: decent coverage and great color match
  • Cons: TERRIBLE ODOR, pearly essence to it which leaves a weird shine that I try to avoid, it didn’t give me the MATTE feel that I was expecting and did I say it stunk yet? BIGGEST CON… I don’t know if it has ANY SPF in it at all, nothing on the label!

MAYBELLINE FIT me! Shine Free foundation

I was so THRILLED with this foundation stick! I used Color 120, which was a perfect match. I was happy to buy it at the price and for the results, it was worth every penny! A foundation stick is beneficial because you never have to worry about the bottle opening in your makeup bag or the pump being pressed, resulting is loss of product and MESSES! Big messes! I saw so many ads for this and I was lured in… Shine free, totally! Super easy to apply, although the stick is quite fat, so don’t expect to use it for detailed application. It’s not like a concealer stick, which is small like a lipstick!

  • Pros: amazing coverage, super easy to apply, color match was perfection, shine free, no odor, safe for throwing in a makeup bag
  • Cons: when I got down to the bottom of the stick I started to use my foundation brush to DIG in and get any remaining foundation – I don’t like to waste – and I realized there was about an INCH of makeup in there left! Is there not a better system to package it so you can get MORE from each stick?


 REVLON MATTE LIPSTICK (001 – Nude Attitude) 

This color was fun! According to the color swatch on the display and the actual lipstick, it was a pretty close match! (Not common in drugstores!) This might sound weird but, I love the “taste” of REVLON lipsticks, they are fresh and powdery. I am not sure what they use to create that effect but, there is nothing worse than putting on lipstick and gagging on it!

  • Pros: color was great, color applied as it looked, good fragrance and taste, just enough matte to look flat without looking dehydrated (you know when your lips get all wrinkly from a MATTE!)
  • Cons: the actual lip”stick” broke early on with normal storage and use, but I was able to somewhat fix it and continue to use it!

JERGENS Original Scent Dry Skin Moisturizer (Cherry Almond Essence)

So, cream and lotions… In my house, we all use something different. My husband is a COCO BUTTER guy and my daughter is a layer’er, meaning she will mix thirteen different lotions, creams and body butters. She also uses “in shower” creams which… Well, that is dangerous for old mom… I love HOTEL lotion, so I asked my sister what the fragrance was in the lotions Harrahs AC, she told me it was Cherry Almond, so I went out specifically looking for THAT fragrance in a lotion. I found this, Jergens is a reputable brand and I have had success with them in the past, so I went for it! Priced right, I was ready for some yummy skin! Here is what I found… The scent, AMAZING! The application, YUMMINESS! Goes on smooth but YOU NEED a TON to really get that SMOOTH skin… It is very… STICKY! I wonder what that is all about??? Sometimes I like to throw a little on my face when I walk past it and literally EVERY single time I do it – I immediately REMEMBER that I shouldn’t DO THAT! It stings and burns. I am sure it isn’t meant as a FACE lotion because if you wash your face good and open up those pores, exfoliate regularly, IT WILL STING! It was an OK lotion for the price, I might not buy it again for a few of the reasons listed above.

  • Pros: fragrance is amazing, goes on easily absorbed, great value, perfect for BODY lotion 
  • Cons: not a face cream, stinging sensation when applied on a freshly washed face, maybe a little sticky for a face too, too oily for use with makeup on face, go through a bottle fast

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