Beauty Product Review #2

Looks like I did it now! I messed with a perfectly good routine. Have you ever done that? I have been religiously using my Biore Charcoal Bar Soap on my face for about a month and my skin has NEVER been this clean, clear, healthy, smooth, etc… I decided to try something else from my bag of tricks! (The free goodies my sister gives me from her job!)

Product Tested : FUZZ OFF by Bliss


This product was used around my eyebrow area to get all little fuzz I needed removed between my threading. So, I should note that, it worked. It had the terrible odor that all of these “hair remover” products have. I applied exactly as suggested and I actually removed it a little bit sooner than recommended because I could feel something was not right… I removed with a lukewarm, smooth face towel and along with the product came skin. Now, I know I have sensitive skin, I didn’t test it on my skin before use and I should have! I am a fool. So, this isn’t a terrible review, it works! It just might be too harsh for me. If you aren’t as sensitive, this would be an amazing tool to add to your makeup kit. It was relatively easy to apply, it is shaped specifically for the face and the small areas around the eyes and lip. So, that makes it handy!

Overall, decent product! Would I use it again, HECK NO!




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