Review: Bioré Charcoal Bar

Ok… I know it’s a little EARLY to be posting a review on the Bioré Charcoal Bar since I’ve only used it 5 times since Sunday but… I have to tell you, my face feels so clean and smooth. 

The bar is black and shaped like a stone. It actually smells great, it looks like it would be hard on the skin but my complicated skin (oily T-zone, dry everywhere else) feels amazing. There’s a minty feeling after, it cools the skin. All my makeup comes right off with one gentle wash, there’s little scrubbers built into the bar, so I rub it directly on my face for a great exfoliation… I’ve used it morning and before bed since Sunday Night, really nice product! (Chloé agrees!) So, for the love of BEAUTY and skin everywhere, RUN (don’t walk!) and get one of these suckers! 

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