2:22 am

Let me set the scene for you. The 2 bedroom villa is atop a large hill that overlooks the ocean and there is a common area, kitchen, dining room, living room then to the right is my private villa, bedroom, fully equipt with outdoor bathroom facilities, a patio, full view of the sunrise, wardrobe and seating area. Across from me you have another whole separate bedroom with all the amenities.

So, dinner was at 8:30 pm, needless to say exhaustion from my travels had set in but I was so excited to meet the other retreaters that I just couldn’t skip! We got goodie bags from the organizers, we went around the room to tell about ourselves. There’s women in advertising who needed a little slower pace and a vacation. There’s a lovely woman (my Roomie/other winner) Lucy. Originally from JC, now living in VEGAS. Some who suffered loss and yoga helped get them to a better place. A woman who quit her “life” and moved away to teach yoga all over the world! Two sisters who are just adorable, one is really into the yoga retreat and the whole process, the other was just excited to be with her sister in Bali. Our ANAYRA, who is full of stories and adventure. Let’s just say, when she’s around, I’m not anxious about this trip at all… Talk about professional traveler.

The point of coming to a place like BlooLagoon is to live as one with nature. Without nature there is nothing. We rely on the ecosystem for our shelter, food, water, health – everything. I guess the closest thing to sleeping in an open air villa, under a bug net, listening to animals and creatures make noises that are completely unrecognizable to me, would be “camping”. But now picture camping, among a tropical paradise with nothing between you and the toad but NET. Amazing.

So, dinner was beautiful. Surrounded by gorgeous women who are all ready to “yoga and meditate” to their hearts content. Mahimahi (?) and sweet potatoes, salad and green beans. For me, tofu. Still adjusting to the time difference, I was the party pooper who decided it was time to turn in first at 9:45, but pretty much everyone followed soon after! 

I get to my room, change in the dark. Loosen my nets and crawl under the covers. There is no tv or radio, just me and the noisy little critters. My wifi is in and out so I start to google things like “Bali noise loud screaming frog sound” or “Bali whistling bug” and “Bali critter sounds like a plastic bag being crumbled up”. Needless to say I still have no idea what is making the noises! 

I fall asleep searching.

Suddenly, 2:22 am, I wake up. Nothing major just a bathroom run. I did mention my bathroom is outside. iPhone flashlight, I love you.

I hear a sound coming from across the way. What could it be, well to my delight/ LUCY was awake. I ran over to ask her if she was ok and basically let her know that I was awake too! Paradise + annoying roommate… Fun! Lol she was very kind and didn’t shoo me away, we chatted for a few minutes and then I went back to my villa. Perfect time for a blog, no? 

Night 1, mission sleep alone like a big girl = needs work. I’ll meditate on it in the morning! 

Lots of love from Bali! 


Bali Bliss at the BLOO Lagoon  
I don’t know what to say. I’m speechless. I’m in bed, trying to take it all in… The 28 hours it took to get here was forgotten when I saw the beauty that is Bali. Today, and the next two days there is the biggest temple days of the year, I saw women and men dressed in their Temple Clothing looking absolutly stunning. They were in the streets, everywhere, making their way to celebrate, pray and get blessed. Ali, my driver, got a phone call from his very anxious 7 year old son, begging him to rush home in time for temple. As soon as I was brought to villa 15, I couldn’t believe the amazing way they built this entire village to live WITH nature.the owners are trying to making tourism in Bali Eco Friendly and it really looks like they’ve though of it all! I’ll be back with more. I’m off to dinner!