The reBranding

I remember back a few years, I had an acquaintance ask me why I would give my “brand” such a negative name. I wasn’t sure what part of “LOVE, THE UNDOING” was negative since I picked the name myself, based on what I was trying to accomplish in my life at that time and it was all good things.

It was then I knew, it wasn’t going to be something that everyone understood. She just didn’t get it, at all.

Love, The Undoing, simply put, is to physically love the parts of yourself and your personality that you are working on. Anything you are trying to undo, such as the traits that no longer served you or the habits that were not beneficial to your life, was the “UNDOING”. If you approach these things with anger or fear, it is likely you won’t accomplish much, but when you approach things with love, the outcome will usually be positive.

Using myself as an example, I was very unhappy with my attitude about life. I would wake up in the morning and think, “well, what shitty things are in store for me today?”. Then I would get out of bed, minute to minute I would anticipate that something would go wrong and it wasn’t a matter “IF” it would happen but “WHEN” it would happen.

I made a conscious decision that I would wake up and say the words “THANK YOU” to the UNIVERSE! I would get out of bed thinking, “what amazing fun does the Universe hold for me today?”. When I would get stuck at a red light, instead of being annoyed, I would use it to roll my neck, not my eyes. Take a deep breath in, instead of huff and puff about it… The littlest of things that typically drove me crazy, were going to be used as tools, to reprogram my mind. This is how I began to “undo” my poor outlook on life.

I tried for years to “be a better person” and to “be happier” to no avail. It was always an act, to appear better or happier. It wasn’t until I started to confront the things that I blamed for my unhappiness, that I was able to see some progress. Once I saw the universe from this perspective, I wasn’t constantly fighting a battle against everyone and especially myself.

This was the undoing.

So, when I was asked why I chose this “negative” name for my “positive lifestyle” brand, I wanted to make it very clear that it was her outlook on the word “undoing” that made it sound like it was something bad – not mine.

When I have the opportunity to speak to people about the positive changes I have made in my life, I always tell them that I couldn’t work on doing things the right way until all the so called “wrong” things were undone. So, yes, I unraveled. It was and is all part of the process. If you aren’t willing to just let yourself unravel and fall apart, then you aren’t ready for the long road ahead. It takes work, so much work. But, it is the most rewarding and fulfilling work you will ever put in.

So, I invite you to join me as I rebrand Love, The Undoing. I want you all to be comfortable with falling apart from time to time, so we can REDO ourselves. We don’t even have to use the broken up little bits and pieces of ourselves if we don’t want to, we can use shiny, new , happy pieces. It is entirely up to you. Just know that progress begins when you recognize the reality of your situation. Live in the truth. If you don’t like it, undo it – and LOVE your undoing.

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