Adjusting Back

After the anticipation of my travels and the excitement of finally being in Bali, I never really thought much of what it would be like to adjust back to my “normal” life upon my return. I had traveled before, although never alone. I have had to deal with the post vacation blues, the joys of unpacking and catching up on a stack of mail over 1′ high. I even had to deal with a jetlag a few times after being on the West Coast, but nothing could prepare me for a 13 hour time difference, daylight savings time setting right in, going straight back to work on only a few hours sleep and then every parents least favorite thing, a kid who is under the weather. It hit me like a ton of bricks.

I have to admit, my house was clean and I was happy to hear that not only did my husband and daughter keep on top of it, but they recruited my mother to help as well. There was some laundry done, which was an unexpected treat. My dog looked healthy and well nourished which was a huge worry of mine. So, aside from the exhaustion of traveling, going straight to work and being up all night with my little one for over a week, in and out of doctors and hospitals, all is well.

Reality is, life just doesn’t slow down for me. There is no “right lane” where I can just cruise, my life is “left lane” at most times. This is something I spoke openly about while traveling. I needed to SLOW DOWN! PadangBai was the perfect place to do that. I liked walking to and from one place to the next, leisurely. I enjoyed taking my time eating while chatting with my new friends. I would lay in bed and read, bead or just think. I had time to appreciate the beauty of my surroundings. Although my senses were all very alert, it was at my own pace, which was amazing. After a week of enjoying uninterrupted meditation, coming home and not getting to take the time to appreciate the beauty of my experience was completely overwhelming. From the moment I stepped through my front door, I was back ON.

As of today, I have been home for 9 days and things are just starting to get back to normal. I am back on my usual sleeping schedule, I have gone almost 48 hours without a visit to a doctor or hospital and I am not a complete worried mess of a mom.

I do plan on traveling some more, but I am going to have to schedule the time a little differently. I will need more than a few hours to recuperate. I recommend taking about three days to adjust back to the time difference and to really absorb the trip. I might even book a hotel here in New Jersey for a couple of days to sort myself out and get a “jet lag” relief massage, like I got in Bali! We are only human and our bodies and minds can take a lot, but we also have to treat them well, nourish them properly and love them. Something I was very sure to do while I was away.

Trust me, I know it sounds like I am complaining,  I am just hoping to help the next person out who is a rookie traveler. I would do it again in a HEARTBEAT, I just know to pack lighter and rest before jumping back into LIFE!

Sending my love to all! Have a great weekend! I will be transitioning this BLOG (slowly) into my little journal of sorts. Feel free to keep on reading… You never know what you’ll get!



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