Hardly a Foodie

I try not to stray too far from the staples, you know, the basics that you cannot go wrong with. I didn’t get tragically sick at all from the water or the food, I followed basic precautions and only had one bout if Bali Belly, which might or might not have been induced by the richest dense chocolate cake and a scoop, JUST ONE SCOOP, of ice cream… I was up that night… But that was self inflicted, I’m sure! So, from a non-foodie, the food was amazing! Here’s some of my favorite dishes! 

Daily fresh fruit!   
Traditional Balinese Sweets

Breakfast we’d eat noodles and rice, different from my norm.

Coconut water never came in a glass 

Red rice and fermented soy- this was my favorite meal!


Chicken, egg, fried rice, crackers, salad  

Tofu in a banana leaf (not my fave) but the SWEET POTATOES were amazing, the string beans crisp and fresh and the salad was amazing. 

More fruit!


Pineapple  juice was made fresh every time!


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