Silayukki Temple

This morning I woke up to the clearest skies. You could see miles and miles away. Today was the day I had waited for with such anticipation. I woke up with such excitement. At 9 am, our group met in the lobby. Our guides for this trip gave us sarongs and scarf belts that our yoga teachers gifted us. Bright, fun and beautiful bold colors. We each wrapped ourselves in the traditional garb and grabbed an offering of a palm basket with fresh flowers, grass and petals. We began our journey down one steep hill and back up another. We laughed, took pictures and just enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. As we reached the top of the hill, we saw a beautiful black stone temple. We sat down and our incense was lit, we did several rituals with our offerings, such as rub our hands with the grass. Put the flowers behind our ears and wave the incense on yourselves. We got up, and stood in line, one by one went up and gave our offering and made a “wish” as we said a prayer. Once we were all finished with that, we sat down on the ground. As the pemangku (priest) rang bells and lightly prayed and chanted, we meditated. We were then instructed to leave the temple so we could get cleansed. We lined up again. Going down the row, the priest carefully performed several other rituals. He splashed us with water, coconut water and then one by one he poured a big bowl of water with hundreds of fragrant fresh flowers on each of our heads. Then, he put a white thread on top of our wet head and tied one around our wrist as well. We made one final trip into the temple. It was wonderful and special in every sense. This temple was finished and then we made our way down some steep stairs to an amazing temple on the water. It was breathtaking. I have so many photos to share but, I’m on 5% so, that will wait! 

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