Today was a beautiful day in Bali. When I woke up this morning at 6:20 I noticed that there was no overcast something which I hadn’t experienced since I have been here. I was fixated on what I originally thought was a mountain that I had realized today was a volcano. I also saw that I had gotten a few messages that came through on the spotty Wi-Fi asking me if I was OK? Of course I was OK, I’m in paradise! But I was told shortly after that there was an earthquake and a tsunami warning, it registered 1000 mile south of where we are staying so we were more than safe. I would have loved to lay in my bed and just enjoy the sunrise but I realized yoga was about to start in 10 minutes so without really waiting up I jumped out of bed ridden brush my teeth got dressed and made my way to the yoga studio Just In time! The clouds were nowhere to be found the sky was beautiful and the sun was rising and I was excited to start another day here in Bali. 
The yoga class was very intense. I ended up leaving halfway through feeling a little unwell. I also noticed my roommate hadn’t made it to class so I wanted to check on her as soon as I was able to get sorted out. And knocked on her door and as soon as I saw her we just looked at each other and began laughing and crying at the same time. She had gotten bitten by some vicious mosquitoes on her eyelids and her eyes were not even opening up enough to see me but she could see that I was in distress having gotten sick from over exerting myself at yoga. So on her bed the two of us laughed and cried and decided that we needed a little time to ourselves today and that meant skipping out on the snorkeling trip which was leaving in an hour. Don’t get me wrong I do love to snorkel, but you have to know your boundaries and your limits. I reminded myself that as much as I wanted to do it if my body was telling me something else then I should listen to my body so that I can enjoy the rest of my trip without regret!
I ended up at the pool enjoying the most beautiful day of pure sunshine and absolute gorgeous surroundings. The kid in me even came out and I went down the slide. I managed to book another session at the spa for a head neck and shoulder massage antistress treatment as well as a cucumber body wrap. I saw Kulan again, and even got to know a little bit about her. She is such a beautiful young lady and work so hard making sure she provides an amazing treatment. If you are ever at the bloo Lagoon definitely see Kulan at the spiral spa! 
After all of that I decided it was time to get to work I came into my room and set up on my beads and began to make my bracelet with the backdrop inspiring me I just made bracelet after bracelet and one was more beautiful than the next I truly am inspired here. I probably worked for about two hours when I realized it was time for the afternoon yoga class, although I was a little discouraged with my practice this morning I knew that I had to get back on my mat and try again and there was no reason for me not to do it tonight. So I went straight to class and did my best I practiced my yoga and felt wonderful knowing that I saw through the class from beginning to end it was almost 2 hours long as we watched the sunset.
I made it back to my room about a half an hour ago after a lovely dinner at the helix. I decided I needed to take a shower before I got into bed if I really wanted to feel comfortable since I had quite a field mosquito bites. I don’t know if I told you this but my shower is outside in the garden and it literally is just a spout of water. I took a long shower. The water is cold but with the temperature being so hot even at night it is refreshing.
So as I lay in bed I wonder what everybody is doing back home. It’s 9 PM here so I’m pretty sure Chloe is up and getting ready for school and princes he is looking for mommy… And I know for a fact my husband misses me, lol. I miss everybody very much but at the same time I am enjoying myself and reminding myself that I have to detach sometimes in order to recharge my battery.
Good night from Bali.

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