Bali Bliss at the BLOO Lagoon  
I don’t know what to say. I’m speechless. I’m in bed, trying to take it all in… The 28 hours it took to get here was forgotten when I saw the beauty that is Bali. Today, and the next two days there is the biggest temple days of the year, I saw women and men dressed in their Temple Clothing looking absolutly stunning. They were in the streets, everywhere, making their way to celebrate, pray and get blessed. Ali, my driver, got a phone call from his very anxious 7 year old son, begging him to rush home in time for temple. As soon as I was brought to villa 15, I couldn’t believe the amazing way they built this entire village to live WITH nature.the owners are trying to making tourism in Bali Eco Friendly and it really looks like they’ve though of it all! I’ll be back with more. I’m off to dinner! 

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