As I kissed my husband goodbye at Newark airport, he told me how much I deserved this time and how it couldn’t have happened to a better person. I’m pretty sure it’s his job to tell me these things but, I really loved hearing it. I also loved the encouragement he gave me. He said to take it all in, take full advantage of every single opportunity and cherish this time. I sacrificed so much in my lifetime and it was my turn. 
Heart FULL.
So, here I am, p I’m flying Cathay Pacific which has been wonderful, left on time and great roomy seats. Clean bathrooms. A blankie and pillow. Hundreds of movies and shows for free! Overall an amazing way to spend 15 hours!
I had devised this entire plan in my head where I’d get on the plane and fall asleep then wake up in Hong Kong refreshed and renewed! I was fast asleep before the plane even pulled out of the gate. I felt like I slept forever but I woke up just six hours into the flight. Only eleven hours to go! I watched a movie I heard about on the Oscars, ROOM, it was pretty deep with great acting. I watched a movie GRANDMA, which was great as well. Only 5 more hours to go! I’ve gotten up three times with my little bladder. Breakfast was pretty fantastic, frittata, muffin, apple juice and peach yogurt!

The couple sitting next to me happen to be on holiday, headed to a little place called BALI!!! So between the three of us- you could see the anticipation and excitement that kind of overrode the flight of 15 hours!!! 
Look at this! 
Just three TED segments and an episode of Deadliest Catch, the pilot just announced that we are just thirty minutes from descending upon HONG KONG, LOOK AT ME!!! I did it! By myself (MICHIE) I did it… 
I’m in Hong Kong airport and after some very intensive searching, I guess unwire bras aren’t popular among the natives, I was through security and on my way to the next segment of my trip! A 4 hour layover until DENPASAR ✌🏽

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