Story Time!

Yesterday, I saw a backpack on that I thought would be great for everyday life and my upcoming travel. It was showing that it was “IN STOCK” at the nearest mall, Willowbrook Mall, which is just 10 minutes from home.
After work and running some errands, I got home, cooked dinner, did some housework and then had just about enough energy to run out to the mall and buy the backpack. So, with my hair in a messy low bun, minimal make-up, wearing joggers, a loose fitting shirt, shell toe adidas and scarf, I entered Bloomingdale’s and head straight to the “DESIGNER HANDBAG DEPARTMENT”, in and out, that’s all I could think.
It’s after 8pm so the store is quiet and there isn’t much going on. I see one saleswoman in the lonely handbag department. I am the type of shopper who will go in, grab what I need and leave. I am not going through racks. I won’t be in the fitting room.  IN and out!
So, after making about 20 rounds through the handbag section, being shadowed by this saleswoman, I have only found one lonely backpack in the brand I was looking for and it was LIGHT PINK AND SILVER. I needed that bag, but I NEEDED it in BLACK AND GOLD! So, I finally decided I would ask her for help. I turned around where once again, she stood  just a few feet away and smile, “Would you be able to help me?” she seemed slightly annoyed when I asked but said “Sure!”.
I knew exactly what I needed so I proclaimed “I am looking for the Marc Jacobs XL Nylon Crosby Quilt Ba…” and before I could even get the rest of the sentence out she cut me off and tilted her head sideways, let out a deep exhale like she was going to tell me she sold the last one, I was bracing myself for disappointment when she blurted out “Oh, Miss, THOSE backpacks are NOT on sale, they are FULL PRICE, I am sorry…” and walked away!
Now, my friend was in the cosmetic department just a few feet away, saw this happen and we looked at each other and literally laughed out loud. I looked around for the cameras and waited for John Quinones to pop out and say “THIS is 20/20  and you’re on What Would You Do”, but there weren’t any cameras and I wasn’t part of a social experiment, this was my life.
I approached her again and said, “I am sorry but, I am just looking for that item, I saw online that you had it in stock and I would appreciate it if you could just point me in the right direction,” and with a less then enthusiastic ass drag she lead me over to where the bag was and advised me she did have ONE Silver and PINK backpack that was returned and now on sale for 20% off I couldn’t afford the Black one.
Annoyed, I grabbed the backpack. It was my fault for even going to “Bloomingdales” dressed the way I was, I was asking for it, right?
So, I walked to the register with my friend who was NOT going to let this go. I was happy to just pay and be on my way but she had another plan. My girlfriend blurts out, “That is going to be perfect for BALI!” and the saleswoman said “OH MY GODDDDDDDDD… YOU ARE GOING TO BALI!” I looked over, beet red and nodded as I dug through my wallet. She practically screamed “WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?”  Then my trusty sidekick said, “WHY NOT! Because she CAN!” then proceeded with “THIS WOMAN ALWAYS GOES ON THE MOST AMAZING TRIPS!” and I looked over at her like, what on EARTH are you doing! Then she started to name all the times she was so excited to hear about my trips all over the world, places I had never even been, LOL. By now I caught on. The saleswoman, was in complete AWE that my bum ass could have ever left New Jersey, let alone the Country!
So, I played along. It was fun!
By the time my transaction was done she was begging me to come back after my trip and to tell her all about it! I think her exact words were “Wow, you better come back with pictures for me to see!” and if I ever need anything else to just ring her up! Funny how someone’s perception can change in a matter of seconds.
Needless to say, it was all too amusing for me not to share with you all.


2 thoughts on “PROFILING

  1. Oh girl,yourw a much bigger person than i am. You should definity co.plain to management. How dare she assume ypu cant afford something?! Oh hell no… namastay right here call your superior…. haha


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