If you are one of the fortunate ones, you woke up this morning.

Sunrise… Sunrise has always symbolized a fresh start to me. With every new day, I feel as if I am given another chance. A chance to right my wrongs. A chance to live with intent so I don’t spend any more time than necessary “fixing” things that could have been avoided. I believe that with each new sunrise I am renewed, recharged and ready to confront my fears, celebrate my victories and continue my journey to a better me altogether.

I don’t have a great memory when it comes to a lot of things, but strangely I can vividly remember quite a few sunrises that I have experienced in my 37 years of life. I can remember where I was, what the air felt like on my skin. I can see the bright glow, slowly taking form into the most perfect circle. I can remember where I was in my life and why that sunrise was so special to me. There is something so spiritual about the sunrise that resonates in me. The sunrise has brought me to tears. I can remember thinking about people who were far away but I knew, because there was only this one SUN that we were both under it together.

I look forward to seeing a new Sunrise. What does the sun looks like when it rises in Indonesia? I know I will be moved to tears. Last year alone I experienced loss and pain like I have never before and I have waited for the day to sit alone somewhere and feel the sun rise and warm me all over. For some reason, I feel like the sun is the only object big enough and warm enough to give me that feeling, if even for just a moment, that the ones I miss so dearly are embracing me. God please hear me.





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