February 14th 

I guess I should start by stating the obvious, it’s Valentine’s Day. I don’t really have much invested into the day itself. Sorry to be one of “those” people because when I was younger it meant something to me. It meant the one man in my life, Dad, was going to give us chocolate hearts, candies and flowers. It was sweet both figuratively and literally! We’d make giant mailboxes in our classrooms and put the little tiny cards into it and then read cute little love notes from our friends, classmates and crushes. Then in high school there was carnation day. I was mildly popular in high school, I had a decent friend circle, but would I be getting carnations? Oh the stress! What if I was the girl without ANY carnations! It meant something then. Then I had my first and only real “boyfriend” which was cute, he was a little younger and had a heart of gold. He’d work double and triple shifts to buy me very expensive Barbie Dolls for my Barbie Collection, jewelry, flowers, balloons, candy hearts, romantic dinners, cards and pretty much anything else that he could possibly think of, and it was reciprocated with very expensive Jordan’s and stuff that the average 17 year old would want back in the 90’s. Then I had a few years without a Valentine and boy, when you’re 19 & 20, and you didn’t have a VALENTINE, it was rough! (Insert sarcastic laugh here!) Me and my other single friends would go into the city to Carbon, LimeLight or The Tunnel, or all three to wallow in our sorrows! Bahhhhhh

Then, in 2000 I met him. My husband. We moved in together, had a baby, got married, yes in that order, and I don’t think a Valentine’s Day has ever been a THING for us. We show love everyday. We rather spend $100 towards groceries than flowers. We have a romantic dinner any time we get a chance to sit and eat together, not just 2/14! Plus, like my father, his little girl is his Valentine. In the hopes (I guess) that she will not look for balloons or a few chocolate covered strawberries elsewhere. I also see this new trend of daddy daughter Valentine dances which is adorable. 

We acknowledge the day, joke about where my roses are and why was I the only girl at work who didn’t get spoiled, then I make him a sexy offer that no man can refuse, his favorite meal (which I cook at least once a week anyway) and Netflix, which lets be real, I’m watching with or without him! 

No judgements here though. Social media has made it nearly impossible to avoid the thought that you’re the only person who would much rather put $100 towards the principal of the mortgage than birds of paradise in a vase for a week. Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m weird, maybe I don’t know love when I see it? 

Either way, you have a fantastic Valentine’s Day! Bottom line. Any day that reminds people to actually SHOW LOVE is a good day in my book! Because love is free, feels great to both the giver and the taker! 


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