The Tree Of Life (Pants!)

Last night I had the pleasure of cooking dinner for one of the most beautiful souls I know, my lifelong bestie, Desireé. She only lives about 20 minutes away, but it’s still a rare occasion that we get to sit without a time restraint, have a home cooked meal and enjoy each other’s company! 

We talked about everything from me being a prude to our love for Broadway! We may (or may not) have watched poor quality YouTube videos of musicals too. 

We got on the subject of what I intend to accomplish while in Bali. Was is rest, a spiritual awakening, just finding inner peace? I told her in one swift sentence. “I’m going to figure out how namaste home and earn a living doing what I love!”. 

Yes, I’m working on a life plan. No timeline. Just figure out how I can actually wake up and do what I love while bettering myself, my loved ones, my community, the world!

So, as a gift to enjoy on my journey she gave me a beautiful pair of Tree of Life yoga pants, they’re beautiful! I decided that they couldn’t wait until Bali to make their debut, so I’m wearing them today as I brave the bitter cold!

Keep warm! 

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