16 days!!!

Not sure about the rest of my Bali Bliss Buddies but, I think I’m ready to go. Like, literally, ready to get on the plane and fly tonight! My bags were packed with care to completion yesterday. There’s everything from aerosol DEET bugspray (that I’m probably going to get the side eye for even having) to Lemon & Eucalyptus BugRepellent (which I’ll use to cover up the smell of the DEET!) 

Did you know that when I bought my house, one of the major draws was its Eco-friendly concept! The previous owner, grew up in North Bergen, NJ (just like me!) bought her first house in Pompton Lakes, NJ (just like me!), had a ZEN ROOM where she meditated and did yoga… Wait for it… (JUST LIKE ME!!!) was in the process of turning this house into a wonderfully green, chemical free, low energy, solar paneled, practically FREE to run house! Because we had that immediate North Bergen thing going, I felt super comfortable asking her for the real DEETS on her monthly utilities bills… She had her agent fax them over and I was floored… Averaging $37/month in Electric over 3 years and $66/month in gas over 3 years. And don’t even ask about the water bill, because when I saw that I began to wonder if they ever flushed the toilet! Needless to say, I was S. O. L. D. !!!

When we moved in, I was in my GREEN LIVING HEAVEN! I couldn’t wait to use all natural products on my GRASS FLOORS! What? You have hardwood still, get with it people! Bamboo floors are where it’s at! 

One of the oldest building materials known to mankind! It has been used to build fences, houses, and furniture. Not to mention there’s BRIDGES made of bamboo, so fear not fellas, it’s built to last!

Bamboo is very much like hardwood, but it’s not wood. “Technically speaking” it’s a grass that grows very fast! There’s evidence that shoots of bamboo can grow up to 3′ a DAY, yes THREE FEET A DAY! I read that the bamboo used in flooring is planted, harvested, made and shelved in 4 years, as opposed to trees that will go 60-70 years before they’re cut down. (Why do you think there is so much deforestation?) I wouldn’t have known this stuff if she hadn’t laid the groundwork for me!!! So I am grateful for that woman and her green ideas!

No, we haven’t installed the solar panels like I told her we would.  But, that comes down the road when we replace the roof, which had a good 15 years left! (My fingers to the big guys ears!) 

So, back to my packed bags! With convenience and practicality comes guilt. Yes, I do feel guilty for buying a bunch of little plastic bottles, tubes, toiletries in  dispensers that are disposable. Nothing says I’m a yogi who practices Buddhism like bug killing sprays and earth poisoning toxins. I’m dealing with this guilt the best way I know how, I’m going to be extra diligent in my home practices of being earth friendly, I’m going to enforce the old rules that I’ve become so lax on and make up for this! 

I never claimed to be sane!

Happy Friday! Don’t forget to recycle! 

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