Operation: live a life that you don’t need a vacation from 

Last year I made a vow that I would make a conscience effort to travel to places I have never been and see this beautiful world. I didn’t want to leap too far on my second international adventure. I figured since I live in the United States and I have already traveled to Canada I might as well try to complete my North American destinations first. As we’ve already established geography isn’t my strong suit, so I was quite surprised to find that Greenland is part of North America as well. I’ll put that on the list! At the 11th hour before spring break began, I booked a flight to Puerto Vallarta. I had heard wonderful things about PV and it was home to what some call the EIGHTH Wonder of the World. Just a short boat ride away, there was an island made from volcanic rock, a cave in the rock allowed water to pour into the island where it was completely open and from above it was a hidden beach. This beach was only known to the natives until a photo went viral and because a tourist attraction. Now it is protected by the environment conversation department in Mexico and the only way to access it is if you buy a visitors pass. These hidden gems fascinate me. The world must be full of them! This experience was amazing and sharing it with Chloe was even more magical. We didn’t have any schedule or plan. We would hop on a bus and if we liked the sand and water in a particular area, we would hop off and swim. So many memories of that trip. 

I am a big fan of Instagram and YouTube. I have discovered many families who have sold everything packed up very minimal clothing and took all the money they had to begin traveling the world. Either they are photo journalists or YouTube vloggers, or travel  bloggers. It is admirable to see families, some with young kids and even little babies, traveling and exploring and learning outside of a classroom. I am sure there are hundreds of different ways to create this lifestyle without sacrificing your income, we live in a digital age where anything can be done remotely. I have an aunt who retired and decided it was her time to travel around the globe and she did this entire journey alone making friends along the way. I have another Aunt and Uncle who decided to run caravan tours all over and she used her vast knowledge of pretty much everything to show people around the world! Then of course, there’s my mentor, a young schoolteacher in a very intense environment of an urban school district. Years of teaching under her belt, she decides to take another path. Within weeks of her announcing that life altering decision, I begin to see an immediate shift, the kind that you usually only hear about or see in movies. Now, any given day you can log into social media and discover she is somewhere new doing something she loves! I can only imagine what your friends and family think when you decide that you are no longer going to let life happen to you – you’re going to MAKE the life you want for yourself!!! I watch in awe and amazement, knowing I’m taking the steps toward something bigger! I have continued my education in something that interests me deeply, I’ve found a passion and a skill that I didn’t even know existed in me. Am I on this path as well? I want to say yes. I have a constant visual of me, meditating in Bali as the sun is rising and in that moment I discover exactly what I needed to do to create this life! 

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