Savasana & Sephora

I was so excited to receive my “what to pack list” from the retreat organizers yesterday. I immediately started to check off the things that I had already grabbed and thrown into my suitcase. Since I am traveling somewhere warm I don’t have any problem packing in advance because none of the clothes are in my usual cycle of what I’m wearing right now! The list was very comprehensive it had things such as bug repellent, bathing suits, hiking shoes, snacks, a Kindle, or book… As I continued to read, I noticed one thing that I never leave home without was not on the list. Now of course we all have our own “list” of things that we personally need when we travel, so I am assuming that my make up collection is welcome on the retreat? Let’s be real, yoga isn’t about the perfect eyebrows or contoured face, so I’m sure it isn’t everybody’s priority. However, this Yogi doesn’t do much without her face on. I don’t know if it is frowned upon in the yoga community to wear make up while practicing but I just can’t imagine not having makeup on while doing anything! If I need to run to the corner store to pick up orange juice, you better believe that I spend five minutes in front of the mirror making sure I have a basic layer of make up on. Some people are natural beauties, heck I may even be a natural beauty! But I’m not ready to find out just yet… I’m not saying that I’m going to show up to snorkel with my face “beat” (that’s makeup slang for FULL FACE OF MAKEUP) but I am pretty sure there will be a touch of make up… And let’s not forget that I have permanent eyelashes glued to my eyelids that look like I’m wearing a ton of mascara at any given time… So even when I have no makeup on I’m not 100% natural… And trust me I am no judge of anybody! Just because I like to wear make up I don’t expect everybody else to! I wear make up with sweatpants and a sweatshirt like it’s my job… It is part of what makes me who I am!!! The only thing I love as much as putting make up on myself is putting make up on other people so who knows what will happen in our downtime in Bali! I might recruit some of my fellow retreaters to play make up with me… I’m still a kid at heart. So yes my make up case will be in tow, along with several packs of eyelashes and glue in case of a lash emergency!

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