Okinawa, North Carolina

BALIGLOBEFor those who are interested in heading to Bali from Newark, NJ you should know that you are in for quite a long trip! Full disclosure, Geography isn’t my strong suit. I was once told that my friend was moving to North Carolina to be with her husband who was stationed there in the Army. He was later stationed in a city called Okinawa. She emailed me how much she was going to miss him… In my reply, I asked how long the drive was and if she’d be able to see him on the weekends.

Guess what folks, that’s in Japan, I know… Mind BLOWN!

So, if that is any indication of my knowledge of Geography, you know I was unaware that BALI was over 10,000 miles away! I knew it was far. I knew it was part of Indonesia! I even knew that Indonesia was in ASIA! In my head, I was going to get on a plane in Newark and then, take a nice long slumber and land about 14 hours later (16 MAX!) on this island!

Guess what FOLKS? I was wrong, again…

Part of the prize was roundtrip airfare. I was able to pick the flights that worked for me within the price range (up to $1200). So, I got onto the world wide web and began to search! I realized quickly that every single flight had a stop along the way, most were in Singapore and Hong Kong. I was able to find a flight, on Cathay Pacific (which I have heard amazing things about!) checking in late Sunday 2/28 and leaving at 1 am on 2/29. I chose the HK route. The flight from Newark to Hong Kong is just over 15 hours. My layover in Hong Kong Airport for 4 Hours. Then I board another Cathay Pacific Flight, which takes just over 5 hours, to get to Denpasar Airport. Once I land in Denpasar, I will have a shuttle waiting on me to transport me to the retreat and the drive is about 1  1/2 hours. All together, I will be traveling for 26+ hours.

Once I settle in, I am sure I will have NO problem forgetting all about the long travel!

Now, my flight home is where it REALLY gets interesting! I leave Bali on Sunday Evening, and fly to Hong Kong, I land at 11:30 pm and didn’t want to sit around waiting on my flight to Newark nor did I want to have to rush to the airport first thing in the morning. So, I booked a flight with a LONG layover in Hong Kong! I will be in the city for almost 24 hours! I plan on incorporating this into my trip and taking advantage of the opportunity! I booked a nice hotel, right inside the airport, which has trains that run everywhere possible! I am going to make the most of the time there!

A friend just got back from Hong Kong and already gave me maps of the city and told me exactly how to get to the Women’s Market! Score!

After my night and day in Hong Kong, I will board back on a flight from HK to Newark Monday evening! I am pretty sure I land in Newark, just 3 hours later… It’s MAGIC!

What do you think about this LONG trip? What would you do on the plane? What BOOKS should I download? I need some new CRIME Documentaries to watch! ANY recommendations are welcome!






One thought on “Okinawa, North Carolina

  1. Make sure to drink lots of water and stay up until at least 9pm local time to help with the jet lag. Ear plugs and socks are always good for the plane. Also, make sure to get over the ear noise cancelling ear phones, the Bose ones are great! I dress in layers so I can take stuff off if I get too hot.

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