Biggest Butt in Bali or The Overweight Yogi’s In The House (still working on the title!)



Whoomp! There IT is!

26 Days of Love

I can’t remember the last time I exposed ALL of me to the world. A few years back, when I was in my “adult body prime”,  I would think nothing of posting photos of me doing yoga in a bra and panties. These days, I am more of a closet yogi.

Let me make this very clear, I find my practice to absolutely stunning.

I’d say my “on the mat” yoga is far more appealing today, than ever. I step on my mat and it is a thing of beauty. There is no time in my day that I feel more in love with myself than the instant in which my size 8 feet, sink deep into that non-Amazon-harvested, natural tree rubber. In that moment, time stands still. The 68″ by 24″ of space in which I am occupying, is all that exists. You see, regardless if I am in a classroom with twenty people or home alone, my hands always meet at my chest, I pull them in against my heart. My head bows to the tips of my fingers, my eyelids shut and I am deeply, deeply grateful. No, not that, THANK YOU, lets get on with the show “grateful”. Actually, literally, physically, spiritually and emotionally GRATEFUL.

That can’t be captured in a photo.

So, this may come as a shock to many of you who haven’t seen me in my little bum bums, upside down since 2014… My body has changed. My body isn’t what you see when you search #yogaeverydamnday and I am fine with that because I know that my practice is still beautiful. I get so much out of my practice these days that I am not mad at the way it has “visually” changed.

Today, I share that photo collage of me in all my glory. I put on every pair of YOGA PANTS I own, some are new (bought just for the trip) and some are old. I stood in front of my mirror and photographed each and every pair. (*not all photos are shown)

You are going to be seeing so much more of in the coming days! I am going to plaster myself, every single inch of this body, all over the GRAM! It is going to be so obnoxious! I don’t want you to see my photos and think, WOW, that Dee-Dee packed on a few pounds! I want you to see my practice! I want you to know that the beauty is there more today than ever. I want you to see the backdrop of Bali and feel the gratitude inside of me when I post and share…

This is my temple, well the back of it anyway. This temple has not failed me and I am grateful for every single inch of it.

Have I told you how much I am enjoying BLOGGING? See you all tomorrow!









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