Today begins the journey of 28 days of LOVE and the Countdown to BALI!

Follow this blog as I prepare for this “Trip Of A Lifetime”. Many of my friends have called it my “Eat. Pray. Love.” trip, sadly I have yet to read this book or see the movie. (maybe I should get on that) Regardless, I should first share with you how this trip came into my life, because that alone is an amazing story!

A few months back I came across a post on Instagram from the world traveling, yogi extraordinaire Miss @HotYogiAna announcing that she and the great people at LineageWear aka #bestleggingsever would jointly be hosting a contest for NOT 1 but 2 ALL Expense Paid TRIPS to Bali for a Yoga and Relaxation Retreat. I had yet to pop my proverbial RETREAT cherry, but I knew it was in the cards for me this year.

There were three ways to enter and you can bet I did all three! First, I purchased a BEAUTIFUL MALA made by @HoyYogiAna (Anayra) as a Birthday Present to myself, by buying 1, I was automatically entered to win! Then I bought the #BALIBLISS LineageWear Leggings which also awarded me another entry, and finally joined the mailing list by texting, that text alone was another entry and it was FREE! As if that wasn’t enough, I would meditate on it regularly. I would talk to my friends about the “Yoga Retreat in Bali” I was going on, I even penciled the days off on my calendar – just to put it into the Universe! You know what they say, you have to believe to receive!

Well, the day was here and I was refreshing my screen every few minutes to see if there was an update and then there was… The winners were… Not me.

In all the excitement, I hadn’t prepared myself for the possibility that I wasn’t going! But, as I have grown over the years, I am getting better at detachment and knowing what wasn’t meant for me won’t be. So, I would still put all that energy toward getting on a retreat at some point this year, just not this one (and just not free lol).

I found the winners on Instagram, followed and congratulated them, and looked forward to the photos come March! I still wanted to be a part of this whole journey, even if it was from my sofa! Nobody likes a sore loser and I refused to be that!

I began to save for my retreat. I called it “Dee-Dee Does Thailand”. I up cycled a plastic container and made it my piggy bank… I decided that I would use any money made selling my Love, The Undoing bracelets, as well as money made teaching meditation on the weekends! It was a solid plan!

Then, on January 21st at 8:55 am, I received an audio message from Anayra on Facebook. I didn’t get to it right away, I was trying to settle into work. Finally, when I had a minute I played it and this was what I heard:

“You may want to sit for this one…” in that deep and sulty Anayra voice… I was prepared for anything, BUT this… After a long pause, “one of the Bali winners cancelled”, my heart fell into my stomach, I heard nothing after that but… “let me know”. Somewhere in between those two sentences were a lot of important details about the trip, how she needed an answer immediately and oh, yeah, I WON! Coming in THIRD PLACE really paid off!!! After several times listening to the message and asking someone to confirm, just so I know I wasn’t just hearing what I wanted to hear, I replied… YES! YES! A MILLION TIMES YES!

Now, if you are like most people in my life, you’re saying “what’s the catch”… Well, my dear skeptics, there is no catch. I know, it is hard to believe but… Every contest has a WINNER and this time it is ME! I received some of the funniest reactions when I told people.

My boss: “You know you have to pay taxes on that” – were the first words out of his mouth!

My Coworker: “Are you sure this isn’t a scam? Was this a YOU WON A TRIP FAX? We get those all the time.”

My Daughter: “Are we all going? Was it for all of us?”

I get a real kick out of this, as I knew all along it was meant for me! But, I am so appreciative that I can explode! Literally! So, here I will share everything that goes into planning my VERY FIRST Yoga RETREAT! Enjoy the show!


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