As I kissed my husband goodbye at Newark airport, he told me how much I deserved this time and how it couldn’t have happened to a better person. I’m pretty sure it’s his job to tell me these things but, I really loved hearing it. I also loved the encouragement he gave me. He said to take it all in, take full advantage of every single opportunity and cherish this time. I sacrificed so much in my lifetime and it was my turn. 
Heart FULL.
So, here I am, p I’m flying Cathay Pacific which has been wonderful, left on time and great roomy seats. Clean bathrooms. A blankie and pillow. Hundreds of movies and shows for free! Overall an amazing way to spend 15 hours!
I had devised this entire plan in my head where I’d get on the plane and fall asleep then wake up in Hong Kong refreshed and renewed! I was fast asleep before the plane even pulled out of the gate. I felt like I slept forever but I woke up just six hours into the flight. Only eleven hours to go! I watched a movie I heard about on the Oscars, ROOM, it was pretty deep with great acting. I watched a movie GRANDMA, which was great as well. Only 5 more hours to go! I’ve gotten up three times with my little bladder. Breakfast was pretty fantastic, frittata, muffin, apple juice and peach yogurt!

The couple sitting next to me happen to be on holiday, headed to a little place called BALI!!! So between the three of us- you could see the anticipation and excitement that kind of overrode the flight of 15 hours!!! 
Look at this! 
Just three TED segments and an episode of Deadliest Catch, the pilot just announced that we are just thirty minutes from descending upon HONG KONG, LOOK AT ME!!! I did it! By myself (MICHIE) I did it… 
I’m in Hong Kong airport and after some very intensive searching, I guess unwire bras aren’t popular among the natives, I was through security and on my way to the next segment of my trip! A 4 hour layover until DENPASAR ✌🏽

Operation Bali Bliss

So my journey has begun… It has been a long week just waiting for today but I made it! It is so hard to believe that just a few weeks ago I was putting my pennies in a jar and saving for my trip to Asia. Thailand to be exact! I manifested this trip!!! I truly believe that. I’m headed to Bali. Indonesia is a mysterious place deep with tradition and culture. I’m excited to experience it all. I’ll keep you all posted when I reach the next leg of my journey- Hong Kong! 


Story Time!

Yesterday, I saw a backpack on bloomingdales.com that I thought would be great for everyday life and my upcoming travel. It was showing that it was “IN STOCK” at the nearest mall, Willowbrook Mall, which is just 10 minutes from home.
After work and running some errands, I got home, cooked dinner, did some housework and then had just about enough energy to run out to the mall and buy the backpack. So, with my hair in a messy low bun, minimal make-up, wearing joggers, a loose fitting shirt, shell toe adidas and scarf, I entered Bloomingdale’s and head straight to the “DESIGNER HANDBAG DEPARTMENT”, in and out, that’s all I could think.
It’s after 8pm so the store is quiet and there isn’t much going on. I see one saleswoman in the lonely handbag department. I am the type of shopper who will go in, grab what I need and leave. I am not going through racks. I won’t be in the fitting room.  IN and out!
So, after making about 20 rounds through the handbag section, being shadowed by this saleswoman, I have only found one lonely backpack in the brand I was looking for and it was LIGHT PINK AND SILVER. I needed that bag, but I NEEDED it in BLACK AND GOLD! So, I finally decided I would ask her for help. I turned around where once again, she stood  just a few feet away and smile, “Would you be able to help me?” she seemed slightly annoyed when I asked but said “Sure!”.
I knew exactly what I needed so I proclaimed “I am looking for the Marc Jacobs XL Nylon Crosby Quilt Ba…” and before I could even get the rest of the sentence out she cut me off and tilted her head sideways, let out a deep exhale like she was going to tell me she sold the last one, I was bracing myself for disappointment when she blurted out “Oh, Miss, THOSE backpacks are NOT on sale, they are FULL PRICE, I am sorry…” and walked away!
Now, my friend was in the cosmetic department just a few feet away, saw this happen and we looked at each other and literally laughed out loud. I looked around for the cameras and waited for John Quinones to pop out and say “THIS is 20/20  and you’re on What Would You Do”, but there weren’t any cameras and I wasn’t part of a social experiment, this was my life.
I approached her again and said, “I am sorry but, I am just looking for that item, I saw online that you had it in stock and I would appreciate it if you could just point me in the right direction,” and with a less then enthusiastic ass drag she lead me over to where the bag was and advised me she did have ONE Silver and PINK backpack that was returned and now on sale for 20% off I couldn’t afford the Black one.
Annoyed, I grabbed the backpack. It was my fault for even going to “Bloomingdales” dressed the way I was, I was asking for it, right?
So, I walked to the register with my friend who was NOT going to let this go. I was happy to just pay and be on my way but she had another plan. My girlfriend blurts out, “That is going to be perfect for BALI!” and the saleswoman said “OH MY GODDDDDDDDD… YOU ARE GOING TO BALI!” I looked over, beet red and nodded as I dug through my wallet. She practically screamed “WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?”  Then my trusty sidekick said, “WHY NOT! Because she CAN!” then proceeded with “THIS WOMAN ALWAYS GOES ON THE MOST AMAZING TRIPS!” and I looked over at her like, what on EARTH are you doing! Then she started to name all the times she was so excited to hear about my trips all over the world, places I had never even been, LOL. By now I caught on. The saleswoman, was in complete AWE that my bum ass could have ever left New Jersey, let alone the Country!
So, I played along. It was fun!
By the time my transaction was done she was begging me to come back after my trip and to tell her all about it! I think her exact words were “Wow, you better come back with pictures for me to see!” and if I ever need anything else to just ring her up! Funny how someone’s perception can change in a matter of seconds.
Needless to say, it was all too amusing for me not to share with you all.


But who’s counting?

In just 691,200 seconds…. Wait that sounds too long… Let’s try this… In 11,529 minutes. Nah…. That doesn’t work for me either— ok, in JUST 192 hours I will be boarding a plane on my journey to Bali! But, who’s counting?

I’ll be back later with more, but for now I’m off to meditate.


March is a special month for me. Since 2013 I have been dedicating the first week in March to bring awareness to a cause that hits so close to home, Mental Illness and the Stigma surrounding it.

Although I don’t feel I have a right to openly discuss any 



If you are one of the fortunate ones, you woke up this morning.

Sunrise… Sunrise has always symbolized a fresh start to me. With every new day, I feel as if I am given another chance. A chance to right my wrongs. A chance to live with intent so I don’t spend any more time than necessary “fixing” things that could have been avoided. I believe that with each new sunrise I am renewed, recharged and ready to confront my fears, celebrate my victories and continue my journey to a better me altogether.

I don’t have a great memory when it comes to a lot of things, but strangely I can vividly remember quite a few sunrises that I have experienced in my 37 years of life. I can remember where I was, what the air felt like on my skin. I can see the bright glow, slowly taking form into the most perfect circle. I can remember where I was in my life and why that sunrise was so special to me. There is something so spiritual about the sunrise that resonates in me. The sunrise has brought me to tears. I can remember thinking about people who were far away but I knew, because there was only this one SUN that we were both under it together.

I look forward to seeing a new Sunrise. What does the sun looks like when it rises in Indonesia? I know I will be moved to tears. Last year alone I experienced loss and pain like I have never before and I have waited for the day to sit alone somewhere and feel the sun rise and warm me all over. For some reason, I feel like the sun is the only object big enough and warm enough to give me that feeling, if even for just a moment, that the ones I miss so dearly are embracing me. God please hear me.





My Tanning Suit… 

If you’re not familiar with a “tanning suit”, it’s an article of clothing that is meant solely for tanning. If you wear it in the water, chances are your lady bits will be on display for all mankind. I love to slip on a good tanning suit in the summer, lay on the lake and soak up the sun. I love my tanning suit. I was quite disappointed last summer when my family pointed out that my beloved suit must’ve shrunk while packed away . Happens to the best of us.

Tonight I ran to Target to grab some toothpaste, so of course I ended up in the swimsuit section. I figured now was as good as any other night to face the dreaded “dressing room mirror” and find myself some new swimwear. I grabbed a few swimsuits and made a beeline for the changing room. I was on a mission and wouldn’t be detoured to the purses and scarf section, not today!

Six suits in and I wasn’t happy with any of them. Oh what I’d give for a swimsuit that was custom fit to my body. In the bikini section here is rack after rack of bright, bold colors. There’s fun patterns and cute designs. Between the tops and the bottoms there’s got to be thousand of variations to mix and match in every size! That’s the beauty of a bikini. If you’ve got a DD bust but a itty bitty booty, you can grab and XL TOP and an XS BOTTOM and be on your way. In the one piece world, you aren’t given options. You have to have a body that’s textbook standards. Meaning if that same person wanted a one piece they’d either be spilling over or sagging. Not cute.

It pretty sad, after you pass the inviting and fun bikinis that make you totally forget you are shopping for toothpaste, you are slapped in the face with less than exciting “swimsuits”. Every shade of gray, navy blue and taupe with the boldest pattern being a wild stripe. I know, living on the edge. There’s nothing more flattering than the swim dress either, which happens to be a popular one piece in the adult section. If you really want to let them have it, wear a tankini! I’m bringing sexy back now!

The bottom line is, unless you’re shopping online (which is difficult enough to do) the selections are just boring.

The purSUIT of finding the perfect suit continues. Stay tuned! If not, I’m packing my trusty tanning suit and calling it a day!


Bali T-13

The cold in New Jersey is completely and utterly unbearable! ZERO degrees is about 60 degrees lower than I am comfortable with.

Quite a few times a day I visualize getting on a plane in Newark, layered in clothing, sleeping like a baby then landing in Denpasar and stripping down to my “unmentionables”. I am not sure what the Balinese will think about me in my skivvies but, if the weather doesn’t start acting right, I am liable to have that reaction. Just a warning!

On top of having to be bundled and layered, I am the girl who gets home from work and before the door can even close behind me, my bra is strewn across the banister. I can’t even. Literally. Comfort is so important to me. I have even validated wearing joggers to work by telling my boss that I can’t focus when I am in real clothes! My office OOTD (outfit of the day) today was an oversized Pompton Lakes High School Black Hooded Sweatshirt, a pair of black leggings, a scarf, socks and slippers. I know it isn’t corporate-casual but, remember I work better like this!

Needless to say, I look forward to the warmer days ahead.

The Villa accommodations they arranged look amazing online, just steps away from the beach, with all kinds of diving and snorkeling spots within walking distance. Each villa is open air style (meaning NO WALLS) just you and the beauty of nature, fully equipped kitchens, separate living areas, air-conditioning, private balconies, desks, and private bathrooms (outdoor bathing) which looks amazing!

Yesterday something VERY exciting happened on Instagram! I was left a message from a person who I have followed for years letting me know that she will be in Bali TOO on the same retreat! I cannot wait to meet her in person! She is traveling with someone, so they will be rooming together, so I am still eagerly awaiting to meeting of my roommate!bloo

Less than 2 weeks away, I am so excited!




February 14th 

I guess I should start by stating the obvious, it’s Valentine’s Day. I don’t really have much invested into the day itself. Sorry to be one of “those” people because when I was younger it meant something to me. It meant the one man in my life, Dad, was going to give us chocolate hearts, candies and flowers. It was sweet both figuratively and literally! We’d make giant mailboxes in our classrooms and put the little tiny cards into it and then read cute little love notes from our friends, classmates and crushes. Then in high school there was carnation day. I was mildly popular in high school, I had a decent friend circle, but would I be getting carnations? Oh the stress! What if I was the girl without ANY carnations! It meant something then. Then I had my first and only real “boyfriend” which was cute, he was a little younger and had a heart of gold. He’d work double and triple shifts to buy me very expensive Barbie Dolls for my Barbie Collection, jewelry, flowers, balloons, candy hearts, romantic dinners, cards and pretty much anything else that he could possibly think of, and it was reciprocated with very expensive Jordan’s and stuff that the average 17 year old would want back in the 90’s. Then I had a few years without a Valentine and boy, when you’re 19 & 20, and you didn’t have a VALENTINE, it was rough! (Insert sarcastic laugh here!) Me and my other single friends would go into the city to Carbon, LimeLight or The Tunnel, or all three to wallow in our sorrows! Bahhhhhh

Then, in 2000 I met him. My husband. We moved in together, had a baby, got married, yes in that order, and I don’t think a Valentine’s Day has ever been a THING for us. We show love everyday. We rather spend $100 towards groceries than flowers. We have a romantic dinner any time we get a chance to sit and eat together, not just 2/14! Plus, like my father, his little girl is his Valentine. In the hopes (I guess) that she will not look for balloons or a few chocolate covered strawberries elsewhere. I also see this new trend of daddy daughter Valentine dances which is adorable. 

We acknowledge the day, joke about where my roses are and why was I the only girl at work who didn’t get spoiled, then I make him a sexy offer that no man can refuse, his favorite meal (which I cook at least once a week anyway) and Netflix, which lets be real, I’m watching with or without him! 

No judgements here though. Social media has made it nearly impossible to avoid the thought that you’re the only person who would much rather put $100 towards the principal of the mortgage than birds of paradise in a vase for a week. Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m weird, maybe I don’t know love when I see it? 

Either way, you have a fantastic Valentine’s Day! Bottom line. Any day that reminds people to actually SHOW LOVE is a good day in my book! Because love is free, feels great to both the giver and the taker! 


The Tree Of Life (Pants!)

Last night I had the pleasure of cooking dinner for one of the most beautiful souls I know, my lifelong bestie, Desireé. She only lives about 20 minutes away, but it’s still a rare occasion that we get to sit without a time restraint, have a home cooked meal and enjoy each other’s company! 

We talked about everything from me being a prude to our love for Broadway! We may (or may not) have watched poor quality YouTube videos of musicals too. 

We got on the subject of what I intend to accomplish while in Bali. Was is rest, a spiritual awakening, just finding inner peace? I told her in one swift sentence. “I’m going to figure out how namaste home and earn a living doing what I love!”. 

Yes, I’m working on a life plan. No timeline. Just figure out how I can actually wake up and do what I love while bettering myself, my loved ones, my community, the world!

So, as a gift to enjoy on my journey she gave me a beautiful pair of Tree of Life yoga pants, they’re beautiful! I decided that they couldn’t wait until Bali to make their debut, so I’m wearing them today as I brave the bitter cold!

Keep warm!